About Semper Fi Farms

Who are we?  What are we about?  I could probably spend way too much time giving an answer to these questions!

The short and sweet version..

We are a proud military family.  Dad is a retired 30 year Marine, Mom was a sailor in the US Navy, until that Marine got into her head and messed with those cells….she decided following her Marine around was much more entertaining.

This union produced three wonderfully special boys.  The first, was taken tragically when he was just three years old.  This left a deep wound, a wound that Christ and Christ alone would tend to.

The next two boys have brought about so many blessings, we feel like Job, he went through trials, then God blessed him doubly.

We had always lived in the city as a married couple, and as a family.  We grew in knowledge and desire for what we wanted as our boys grew.  Our boys were growing strong in the Word of God, and we were enjoying them immensely, however, we wanted something more.

Something more for them, and for us.  Mom had been growing more natural in her ways of eating and feeding the family.  Dad and mom both had an inner desire to grow more of their food, small gardening became a family hobby.

We learned about homesteading and felt God calling us to leave the city life in favor of hickville.  When dad retired from the Marine Corps, we moved to our little part of the world on forty acres.

This dream, hope, vision, and obedience was exciting, but not easy.  Our home had been neglected for many years, the land not farmed or taken care of for years, work was unending.  We worked so hard those first few months of living here, we thought, it was a mistake….but God knew….we had neighbors who were amazing and encouraging.

To further our work, we took on laying chickens and dairy goats within the first six months of moving (did not say we are the wisest cookies)

We have since learned to grow and process our own meat chickens…from chick to table.

We have laying chickens who give us the best eggs!

We learned we do not enjoy milking and a dairy goat gives us too much milk.

We learned farm raised beef is actually good (mom used to eat only chicken or fish!)

We learned to make and preserve maple syrup (got some for sale!!)

We learned how to grow so much of our vegetables, and preserve them.

We learned about fruit trees, and abundant and yummy years, and the sparse years when the weather dictates the crop.

We learned about haying…..even late evening when we are tired……

We are learning to make natural skin care products.

We will learn about raising our own pork and beef this year.

We learned to just trust God.

We learned God provides in ways we can’t expect.

We learned we are a family growing together on this homestead we call Semper Fi Farms, because We are a Marine family who knows the One that is ALWAYS FAITHFUL. Psalms 33:4


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